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Reverse Leveled 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500

2015 Chevy Silverado 1500

Hello guys, today we brought you back CO24. If you remember, this is our black Chevy 1500 that had the 24-inch wallers and some Atturos. We swapped it out with a set of 12-wides to see how the fitment is because we keep seeing people that are saying these fit. Let's go see if that's true.

Mean trucks decked out Rollin' through the wood and they flexed out Rims so big and the windows black Got the light bar lit up double chromed out stacks Yeah we love to get 'em dirty but still they so clean Custom Offsets team stance is the team We on top of it now we ain't never gonna fade So you better get ready we're taking over the game.

So, if you remember, or if you haven't seen this truckI'll kind of go through it again. It's gonna have a stock frontand then back here, what we did iswe went in and took out the stock block that creates the, um, break in the vehicleso we just went in there and took that block outtighten the U-bolts back down, there's plenty of threadtread, thread, thread on there to do thatand that basically, it's called a reverse level. It levels out the truck, but it's by going down in the backnot going up in the front. Then what we didso you're running stock suspension up frontthen what we did is a 20 by 12 negative 44.

Gear alloy, big blockand that's a negative 44so you'll see with the build testshe's just over six inches, about six and a quarterso it's got a nice big fat lipand the big blocks are really good at thatgetting the most out of their lip. And pretty much all the gear wheels are focused andnice big fat lips on those wheels. So, that oneyou can seeis wrapped by a Nitto 420Sand that's gonna be a 305-50which is basically a 32 by 12. So because you have this 12-wideon this 12 and a half, you'll see that stretchso if you check out from that anglage in hereyou'll see it's really stretched out on there. And that gives you that more sportyrace truck stretch lookon that Nitto 420.

2015 Chevy Silverado 1500

Now, with that 12-widedid you just kind of look down the side of it? If you look down the side of ityou'll see that she's sticking out quite a bit because you got that 12-wide and that 420so you're out there probably about 3 inches. It looks pretty cool, I meanit's a little too street for me with that kind of balloony side wall tirethat's just not my stylebut the fitment was surprisingly close, sowhen we crank the wheel, you'll see where it's wearing herebecause I just let her go ahead and slideyou'll see it's wearing out a pocket back there. You could do a mini Norcal, and get away with itwhere it wouldn't rub then, but the rub doesn't bother meso I just left it, and up front it clears.

I think it just barely touches right there and just moves that flap out of the way. So for the people asking, Could you drive it? Could you daily drive this setup? You absolutely can. You can't get a full crankbecause you'll hit on that side like I saidbut you can definitely drive aroundI've been driving around like this for a little while. You guys can go check out CO24 to see that we did the wrapping of the grille and handles and some of the window tint and lower banner and all that stuffbut we're going to actually be switching back to the dub-waller setup, so this is 24 by 10dub-wallerand what we're going with is a 305305-35 R24 Nitto Terra Grapplerto get a little more tractionthis is my vehicle I use for all sorts of thingsincluding leaving the roadway sometimes.

So I wanted to have something a little more traction if you check that out, that Terra Grappler is quite a bit more aggressive than like a Nitto 420or the Atturo street tire we had on there, so. That's the setup we're gonna go with and then I can come back and do a spotlight and give you that full overview once we get those slapped on there. So that is a spotlight of CO24. CO20 about to be CO24 again. Peace.

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